Veracious Magazine - Nashville Show Coverage

“This brother sister group brought their chill vibe to the stage, combined with their pop sound created for an attention-holding show. Their sound is mature and feels advance in their years as a duo. Cooper and Gatlin could easily be on the radio and jump into mainstream music. Despite being sick on this particular Tuesday night, they settled in the vocals and killed it on each song. They drew a full crowd and the support for them was emphatic. Do yourself a favor and catch them in LA on the 17th of October. There are big things in their future, make sure you follow along.”

Popdust - Release Radar Feature

“Cooper & Gatlin's latest video is simple but doesn't hold back on aesthetics. The all-too relatable lyrics and intricate acoustic guitar shine.”

The Young Folks - Interview

“The pop duo just released their debut single “Break” and we can’t put a break on blasting this on repeat. Since growing up with two talented parents, it was only right the two of them picked up after their them. There’s so much potential for Cooper & Gatlin.”

The Music Mermaid - Track Feature

“The duo came in fast and hot, bursting onto the pop scene with a woozy neon anthem for the broken-hearted, garnering over half a million views since its release.”

Heart Eyes Magazine - Interview

“Cooper & Gatlin are an indie-pop duo guaranteed to make their way into your playlists...Keep your eyes and ear on Cooper & Gatlin!”

Musical Notes Global - Getting to Know Feature

“The pair recently released their debut single “Break,” a delicious electro-acoustic anthem that delves into the aftermath of a breakup.”